SHS girls

“Hide your husbands, we’re coming home for holidays” SHS girls warn

Some Senior High School (SHS) female students in Ghana issued a warning to married women, urging them to hide their husbands in order to avoid losing them as they return home for the holidays, Pulse website reported.

The students gave the caution in a video widely shared on social media, saying any wife that lets loose her husband during this upcoming holiday period risks losing him.

“Wives, please hide your husbands because we, the high school girls, are about to return home for our holidays,” the students are heard saying in the video.

Note that the warning has sparked mixed reactions on social media.

“Wow, what a beautiful lady. Our wives can no longer order us. We are perfectly prepared to wait for you […]”, said a netizen.

“This girl is going to get married one day and feel the pain when someone shares her man with her,” said another netizen who did not appreciate the video.

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