'Marriage should be a renewable contract', says Ghanaian pastor

‘Marriage should be a renewable contract’, says Ghanaian pastor

A pastor in Ghana said marriage should not be a binding union for life as the Bible teaches, saying it should be a renewable contract.

Founder of Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Prophet Nicholas is at the heart of a controversy. Speaking on a radio show, he does not share the Bible’s view of marriage.

The pastor thinks that the marriage should be a renewable five-year contract.

“If I had the chance, I would plead with God to have the marriage contracted. It should be limited to a period of five years, with the possibility of renewal,” he said.

Speaking on incest, he believes that the perpetrators of this act should be castrated.

“It is madness to engage in incest. What can drive someone to commit incest, to have sex with their own child. We need a law that authorizes the castration of men who sleep with their own children,” he noted.

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