Tech: Here's what you risk leaving your charger in an outlet

Tech: Here’s what you risk leaving your charger in an outlet

We sometimes leave our phone and computer charger plugged in, even when there is no device charging. A gesture that may seem innocuous but very dangerous.

Depending on the type of charger you use, when it is plugged in empty, it can very quickly overheat and start a fire.

Indeed, most smartphone chargers in particular are not necessarily regulated in terms of safety.

By deliberately leaving your charger plugged into its socket all the time, it is still energy consumed unnecessarily even if they actually consume very little electricity when they are not connected to a device.

Early material wear

A charger left plugged in for nothing repeatedly wears out prematurely and risks working less well even if its life expectancy is generally longer than that of a telephone.

In addition, a fully charged battery that is left plugged in overnight can be damaged and run for less time.

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