Uganda: Covid-19 vaccination no longer free

Uganda: Covid-19 vaccination no longer free

Uganda’s Health Minister, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng authorized private hospitals to charge 20,000 shillings (€6) to people wishing to be vaccinated against Covid-19 as an overhead for vaccines.

While announcing collaboration with private health facilities in Kampala, Dr Aceng said the government is now allowing all private facilities to start vaccinating people in a bid to increase coverage to speed up the return to normal, DailyMonitor reported.

Vaccination mainly took place in public health facilities and community outreach points. However, this has caused overcrowding and long queues at vaccination centers due to limited staff.

“That is why we need to involve the private sector which needs to be supported in many ways. Although vaccines are free, there are overhead costs to cover,” she said.

“They [private hospitals] have to pay the staff, they have to pay for the electricity, they have to keep the place clean and they have to pay for the water. Therefore, the 20,000 shillings that will be paid was a discussion that took place in our strategy committee and we agreed on that. So we ask that we take note of that,” she added.

The East African country has so far recorded 164,000 cases of covid-19, including 3,598 deaths.

Only 49.6% of the total population received their injection.

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