Ghana on red alert over possible jihadist attack

Ghana on red alert over possible jihadist attack

National Security minister in Ghana, Albert Kan Dapaah declared that Ghana is on high alert against a possible terrorist attack.

Speaking on the floor of Parliament, he said the nation is very much prepared for any potential attack.

“[We] remain on high alert to avert terrorist infiltration with proactive measures, counter-terrorism operations along the borders in the country. Safeguarding the country is a key priority for all state security agencies, we will remain vigilante”.

“Ghana has so far not been attacked but we believe that we have to hold ourselves at all times to ensure that if there is attack we will be able to handle it, it does not mean the terrorist are not planning, we believe they may be planning but we believe we have to do what is necessary to ensure we overcome them.”

“I want to state that Ghana is relatively stable despite a number of threats, both external and internal, that can undermine security and stability,” the minister said.

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