Nigerian pastor David Oyedepo praises the Catholic Church

Nigerian pastor David Oyedepo praises the Catholic Church

Nigerian Pastor David Oyedepo praised the Catholic Church, which is often the target of criticism from other religious denominations, saying the Catholic Church has put in place a good structure to run the religious system.

General Overseer of the Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo has stated that the Catholic Church set up an ‘organized structure’ unlike others.

“In my opinion, the Catholic Church has done a good job in terms of structure. A very good job. Incredible good job. Where can you sit down and pull out materials from 50-60 years ago, in their original form? How many of us in ministries today can pull off 10-year records? “, he said.

Before adding: “It (the Catholic Church, editor’s note) is known to be the longest organized system on earth. About 2000 years old. And then came the great Protestant, the Church of England. They did a lot of organizing. If we continue like this, no materials will be awarded to the Charismatic. If we continue as we do without reviewing our steps, it will run out of steam because many manage it like a shop, you do sales on Sunday, you spend it during the week and then you come back the next day, market day.”

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