Tanzania: hundreds of Ukrainian tourists stranded in Zanzibar

Tanzania: hundreds of Ukrainian tourists stranded in Zanzibar

Some 1,000 Ukrainian tourists are stranded in Tanzania’s semi-autonomous islands of Zanzibar after the Ukrainian airspace was closed to civilian flights following Russia’s military action in the country.

Zanzibar’s government says it is liaising with the Ukrainian embassy in neighbouring Kenya to evacuate the tourists to Poland.

Tourism Minister Leila Mohammed Musa said the safety and well-being of tourists is being looked after.

Some hotels where the tourists are staying have reduced their rates, while others are offering free accommodation to guests who have overstayed.

Zanzibar’s coastal scenery and historical culture is a big draw to foreign tourists.

One of the tourists told the BBC that they had been following events in Ukraine from their hotels.

They were optimistic of being evacuated nearer home at the earliest opportunity.

Ukraine closed its airspace last week citing a high risk to flight safety due to the use of weapons and military equipment.

Source: BBC

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