David Ibiyeomie

“If you don’t pay tithing, you are a criminal”, David Ibiyeomie

During a sermon on Sunday, David Ibiyeomie, a Nigerian pastor of Salvation Ministries church said people who do not pay their tithes are criminals.

The evangelist insisted on the obligation for the Christian to give 10% of his monthly income to the church.

Comparing tithing to paying taxes to the federal government, the Salvation Ministries pastor believes that those who don’t pay their tithing are criminals.

“The tax is the government’s part, so you’re not saying I want to give my tax to the government, you’re saying you want to pay the tax, that’s how the tithe belongs to God. Leviticus 27:30. God is the owner of the tithe. So what should you do?”

“It’s only in Nigeria you don’t pay tax and they can leave you, in the western world it’s a big criminal offence, if you don’t pay tithe you are a criminal your offense is punishable, tithing is simply a tenth of your income, 10% of your income goes to God,” he launched.

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