Rwanda: bad news for unvaccinated people

Rwanda: bad news for unvaccinated people

Unvaccinated people in Rwanda will be barred from public spaces and events, Prime Minister Édouard Ngirente said in a statement.

Prime Minister Ngirente said people should be fully vaccinated before being allowed to access public spaces or events and festivities.

A nightly curfew will begin from midnight, and night clubs and music concerts are set to reopen.

Although vaccination is voluntary in Rwanda, there are reports of people being forcibly vaccinated, and some have fled to neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi to escape vaccination.

Nearly seven million out of a population of 13 million have been fully vaccinated in Rwanda, while more than eight million have got the first dose.

The East African country has so far recorded 129,000 cases including 1 434 deaths.

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