Namibia: Crocodile kills child near river

Namibia: Crocodile kills child near river

Namibia’s leading daily newspaper has a heart-breaking interview with a mother who saw a crocodile grab her five-year-old daughter, and disappear with the little girl into the famous Okavango River.

Eveline Mukuve,33, told The Namibian that she put up a fight to free her child from the crocodile’s jaws, but the reptile “took away my daughter”.

Ms Mukuve had gone to the river to fetch water, and her daughter, Juliana Urungi, followed her and took off her clothes to swim.

“When I wanted to go back for her, the level of water was already up to her knees,” she said.

The crocodile then attacked the girl.

“I was about to cry, but I couldn’t cry. It was at this point that I dived into the water to tussle with the crocodile,” Ms Mukuve told the newspaper.

“I grabbed it by its tail but it scratched me with its tail and took away my daughter. It was a black and white big crocodile,” she added.

The newspaper has tweeted a photo of Ms Mukuve on the banks of the river where she lost her daughter.

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