Ethiopia: ICRC worried about lack of medicine in the north

Ethiopia: ICRC worried about lack of medicine in the north

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has expressed concern about the lack of medicines and medical equipment in northern Ethiopia.

The ICRC says in Amhara and Afar regions people with chronic diseases are dying every day and women are giving birth at home, as health facilities are not functional.

It says health-care services are lacking essential medical supplies, and in some cases infrastructure has been severely damaged.

The UN said last week that at least 108 civilians had been killed in air strikes over Tigray this year alone.

In 2021, the ICRC has:

– Assisted 655,000 people with household supplies, shelter and cash throughout the country, with a focus on northern Ethiopia,
– Provided 875,000 people with agricultural and livestock assistance,
– Facilitated access to clean water and sanitations to 1,950,000 people, including in places of detention,
– Helped over 169,000 people restore or maintain family links, facilitating exchange of news by family members.

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