Wycliffe Ogallo arrested

Kenya: Wycliffe Ogallo, head of prisons arrested

Outgoing prisons boss, Wycliffe Ogallo, Kamiti maximum prison warden Charles Mutembei and his deputy were arrested on Wednesday by officers from the Kenya Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU).

The arrests came just hours after President Kenyatta sacked General Ogallo and replaced him with Brigadier (RTD) John Warioba, and just two days after Kamiti’s escape which saw three convicted terrorists s escape, DailyMonitor reports.

Questions were raised about how they managed to escape the country’s safest prison on Monday.

General Ogallo, Mr. Mutembei and his deputy were taken to DCI offices after the arrest.

The new prison boss, Brigadier Warioba, declined to comment on the arrests, saying it was too early since he had just been appointed, the website says.

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Hours after the arrest, the National Police Department tweeted that General Ogallo had not been arrested, but only escorted home from his office.

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