University of Abuja

Nigeria: police rescue six people kidnapped at Abuja University

Security forces in Nigeria have rescued six people abducted by armed men from a university in Abuja this week, in what was a rare kidnapping at a higher education institution in the country’s capital, police said on Friday.

Gunmen abducted four members of staff and two of their children from the University of Abuja on Tuesday, which has led to increased military checkpoints in and around the city and stop and search operations by police, Reuters agency reports.

Abuja police spokeswoman Josephine Adeh Anipr said all those abducted were “reunited with their families through a joint operation with other security agencies.”

The university also confirmed the six had regained freedom.

Abuja and the surrounding area, which have better roads and infrastructure than most of Nigeria, are usually considered among the safest parts of the country.

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