Uganda: science to be taught in local languages – Janet Museveni

The Ugandan Minister of Education and Sports, Janet Museveni, has concurred with the recommendation from a section of educationalists that science be taught in local language at primary level, DailyMonitor reports.

“Teaching science in local language will make sense to us and we will become transformational when we really get involved in teaching science in mother tongue at primary level,” Ms Museveni said on Thursday.

“When you bring it in mother tongue it becomes real and meaningful, and then perhaps we can have more scientists in our society,” she added.

An educationalist from Makerere University’s College of Education and External Studies made the suggestion. 

Ms Museveni also said the government is committed to support research and innovations in universities to provide high quality data to inform policy decisions.

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“I urge educationalists to prioritise projects that are crucial to social and economic transformation,” she said.

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