Scientists in UK say collective immunity is impossible with Delta variant

In UK, researchers after a study, concluded that it would be impossible to reach collective immunity with the Delta variant. Professor Andrew Pollard, head of the Oxford Vaccine Group, said it on Tuesday in a meeting with British parliamentarians.

“I think we are in a situation, with this variant where collective immunity is not possible, because it always infects vaccinated individuals. We know very clearly with the coronavirus that the Delta variant will still infect those vaccinated, and that means anyone who is still unvaccinated at some point will encounter the virus“, said Professor Andrew Pollard.

Collective immunity has been the health grail to be achieved since the start of the epidemic in order to put an end to the virus.

But “we have nothing that can stop this transmission to other people,” says Andrew Pollard. “Now the only thing the vaccine can do is slow down the process of this transmission a bit.”

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However, he remains very skeptical about the possibility of herd immunity in the near future thanks to the vaccine and even says he thinks that “the virus will soon produce a variant which will perhaps be better for spreading in vaccinated populations”.

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