South Sudan: 90,000 affected by flooding, UN says

About 90,000 people have been affected by flash flooding in South Sudan’s eastern Jonglei state, the UN humanitarian affairs agency (Ocha) says.

The UN said local authorities had reported over 70,000 affected people in Ayod and Canal counties and many were experiencing this for the second time since May.

It said they faced acute humanitarian needs, with thousands now marooned on islands surrounded by water, sheltering under trees and unable to cross to safety.

Heavy rains have submerged homes and agricultural fields, forcing families and their livestock to flee to higher ground.

“What is occurring in Ayod is a distressing example of how a changing climate disrupts the normal patterns and intensifies the effects of flooding, leaving people disoriented and dispossessed,” said Arafat Jamal, the acting Ocha coordinator in South Sudan.

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He called for urgent food assistance, shelter, kitchen items, medicines and access to clean water.

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