buhari and his five conditions

Buhari imposes five conditions to Macron over the creation of ECO

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari remains adamant about his position on the creation of the ECO, a sensible currency to confer monetary sovereignty.

According to him, there will not be a “françafrique” version of ECO. “President Macron is forcing himself, he wants at all costs to steal, to hack the ECO currency project. As long as these five conditions are not adapted, there will be no ECO”, warns the head of state of Africa’s largest country.

The five conditions are:

1- No withdrawal and no deposit in the French treasury of currencies from countries in the ECO zone.

2- No intermediary in convertibility into the ECO and the euro and the dollar.

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3- ECOWAS must manage the ECO itself in a sovereign way.

4- The ECO must be convertible with all the currencies of the world.

5- The ECO must be printed in Africa and not in France.

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