vaccine passport

Vaccinal passports: path back to normality or problem in the making?

Governments and developers around the world are exploring the potential use of “vaccine passports” as a way of reopening the economy by identifying those protected against the coronavirus.

The travel and entertainment industries, which have struggled to operate at a profit while imposing social distancing regulations, are particularly interested in a way of swiftly checking who has protection.

Biometrics company iProov and cyber security firm Mvine are among those which have built a vaccine pass.

iProov founder and chief executive Andrew Bud believes such vaccine passports only really need to hold two pieces of information.

“One is, has this person been vaccinated? And the other is, what does this person look like?”

Sacha Lord, an industry adviser and co-founder of the city’s Parklife music festival said : “I don’t think we should be forcing people into the vaccine passports. It should be a choice. But on entry, if you don’t have that passport, then we will give you another option”.

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In view of these elements which are becoming more and more obligatory without being said openly, does taking the vaccine become the royal route to have access to normal life? questions about the vaccine passport remain unanswered.

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