Cameroon: protests after death of four teenagers in military raid

Angry residents of Bamenda, the capital of Cameroon’s North-West region, have held a protest after the death of four teenagers on Sunday during an army operation in the city.

Some of the residents carried caskets with the teenagers’ bodies during the protest on Tuesday.

“These killings are pure terror,” said an uncle of one of the victims who wanted to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

Human rights activist Fru Awah called the killings “unconscionable”.

“The worst is that, these are not children caught in crossfire between the separatists and the military… something happens and then the army rushes in and sprays the population,” he said.

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The authorities have not reacted to the latest killings, which come about two weeks after another army raid claimed 10 lives, mostly of young men, children and women.

The government has been battling separatist fighters since 2016 in the English-speaking North-West and South-West regions.

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