Uganda: a child of about 4 years appointed sub-clan chief

Patrick Ouma Lutwayi II, has just been appointed Chief of a sub-clan when he is only three years and seven months old. In his community, this responsibility sets him apart from children of his age.

Native of the village of Tai Ocot, in the sub-county of Labongo Amida in the district of Kitgum, Ouma has the posture of a community Leader.

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Patrick Ouma is in fact, the first of the line of Oceng to inherit the throne of the sub-clan of Parakono, several years after the death of the once mighty clan chief Lutwayi I, in 1920. His father Ocaya is preparing him to fully ensure his new functions by teaching him the rich history of the Parakono sub-clan and particularly of the Acholi people.

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