Chidinma: “only lazy women run after rich men”

The Nigerian singer-songwriter Chidinma recently left her mark on social media with a post. In this statement, she was more honest about women looking for rich men. According to the Nigerian star, these women are just lazy.

The famous Nigerian singer holds precisely this point of view. it is the lazy woman who needs a rich man. Otherwise the hardworking woman needs real love, ” she said in a Tweet.

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Chidinma’s words don’t call into question those listed by this post, but all women, who struggle, work to be financially dependent on wealthy men.

Chidinma intervenes during a period when we are witnessing a trade ‘Syndicalist movement’ created by the Ivorian rapper Suspect 95.

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Just like the Nigerian singer, the ‘Men’s Syndicat’ wants to make women on their own.

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