Ivory Coast: Put under supervision, the Ivorian Football Federation replies

Put under supervision by FIFA some days ago, the Ivorian Football Federation replies by a statement this 28th December. This decision to appoint a standardization committee doesn’t please the Heads of this Federation.

Plunged into a succession dispute for the post of president that Didier Drogba seeks, the Executive Committee of the Ivorian Football Federation expressed its disapproval about the placing under guardianship pronounced last Thursday by FIFA. FIFA announced its decision to appoint a “standardization committee” to manage “the current affairs” of the Ivorian Football Federation, “revise its statutes” and its electoral code and organize the election of a new Executive Committee”.

Indeed, the rejection of Didier Drogba’s application by the Ivorian Football Federation is the starting point of the descent into hell of the Ivorian football for six months, causing the intervention of FIFA.

“The Executive Committee has concluded with the fallacious and impertinent character of the reasons that underlie it. Also did the committee make the decision to exercise all remedies before the Arbitral Tribunal for Sport”, indicates the statement of the Ivorian Football Federation.

Let’s remember that Ivorian Football Federation has already announced having seized the Arbitral Tribunal for Sport against the FIFA’s decision to block the electoral process of the president of the institution.

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