South Africa: more than a million cases of covid-19 recorded, the wearing of mask is compulsory

South Africa is the African country the most touched by the covid19 virus. This weekend, the one million case recorded has been crossed. Moreover, a new strain more contagious and responsible of most of the new discovered cases.

‘’We simply have dropped our guard and unfortunately, we now suffer the consequences. The government decides to put the country in the third level of sanitary alert’’, has said President Cyril Ramaphosa in his speech to the nation in the evening of Monday 28th December 2020.

With a daily record of 14000, south Africa now count more than 27000 deaths. In this period of the end of the year celebrations, while there’s a remark of the relaxation of sanitary measures, the south African’s government announces new sanitary restrictions: prohibition of the sale of alcohol and the gathering, the curfew extends from 9pm to 06 am, inter-provincial trips are also prohibited, non-essential businesses are closed.

In addition, not wearing a mask is now a criminal offense.

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