Mali: Death of three french militaries in an explosion

While their armored vehicle was attacked by an explosive device Monday, three French soldiers lost their lives. The information was provided by L’Elysee.

They were victims of homemade bomb, in the area of the three borders in the center of Mali where the French anti-terrorist forces Barkhane concentrate his efforts since January.

“It’s with a great sadness that the President receives this morning the information that three French soldiers of the 1st regiment of hunters of Thierville-sur-Meuse lost their lives”, can we read in a statement of French presidency.

They were attacked at Hombori where the Chief of Staff of the French Army, General Lecointre was, some days ago. An operational advanced base at Hombori, in the desert of Malian Gourma, receives three units of Malian Army Forces and the desert battle group of the Barkhane force.

In a statement, the French minister of Armies, Florence Parly expressed her “emotion” and her ‘‘deep sadness’’ by the death of the Chief Sergeant Tanerii Mauri, of the first-class hunter, Dorian Issakhanian and that of the first-class hunter Quentin Pauchet of the first hunter’s Regiment of Thierville-sur-Meuse.

Malian’s transitions president Bah Ndaw, also expressed his “gratefulness to the French Nation for its many commitment and particularly military by the sides of Mali in the fight against terrorism.’’

Already, On 15th December, a Malian patrol vehicle was exploded by an explosive engine improvised in the same area. The toll was one dead and five injured.

France is present in the Sahel as part of the Barkhane operation, who has more of 5000 persons since the sending of 600 more soldiers in 202 to fight against the deterioration of the situation. These three deaths added to the others will give a total of 48 French soldiers dead in the Serval operation (2013) and Barkhane (since 2014). This new murderous attack occurs three days before the coming in Tchad of the French Prime Minister Jean Castex where he would have to celebrate the new year with French soldiers of the Barkhane operation.

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