Former football player and candidate in Liberia's presidential elections, George Weah poses during a photo session on September 25, 2017 in Paris. / AFP PHOTO / JOEL SAGET

LIBERIA: Referendum, good news for Georges Weah

On 8th December, Liberians were called to the polls for a partial referendum. The majority of the citizens voted “yes” for the reduction of the presidential term proposed by Georges Weah.

According to the partial referendum’s results of 15th December, Liberians have largely supported president Weah’s proposal which is to shorten presidential mandate. Good new for hm who held so much to this reform.

However, this victory keeps Weah’s opponents into worry. Indeed, they suspect Georges Weah to be using this constitutional reform to cling to power. But the president has always rejected this allegation on this subject.


If he can smile for the partial reform of the constitution, he should be worried about something else. His party seems beaten at the senatorial election, organized on the margin of the referendum. The announcement of the first trends shows that on seven counties, the opposition won four against two for the Congress of Democratic Change (power party) and one for an independent party.

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