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Uganda said US has no right to ‘lecture’ over its elections

ofwono opondo

Ugandan government spokesman Ofwono Opondo affirmes that the United States should “fix their own elections” rather than “lecture” Uganda about its elections. His comments came after the US said it was considering “targeted options” following elections in Uganda that were marred by “irregularities” and “abuses” by the security forces. In …

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Jane Aceng denies vaccination of Museveni’s inner circle

uganda jane aceng

For few days, according to rumors, the inner circle of the Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni would have been immunized against the coronavirus pandemic. The Ugandan health minister Jane Aceng in a Tweet denied reports that top government officials have been vaccinated against Covid-19 before the country formally receives vaccines. Minister …

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Uganda: Bobi Wine the opposition leader challenges election result in court

bobi wine.

Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine filed a supreme court challenge on Monday seeking cancellation of the results of a presidential election that handed victory to incumbent Yoweri Museveni. “We want the poll cancelled and repeated,” said George Musisi, lawyer for Wine’s National Unity Platform (NUP). Wine, 38, a pop star …

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