Woman tortured her 9-year-old nephew

Man arrested for impregnating his daughter

A man has been arrested by the district Police Command for impregnating his 14-year-old daughter in the Ashanti Region, Ghana.

The arrest came after a series of events revealed that the man was responsible for the pregnancy, contrary to his initial denial.

The incident was first revealed when the girl falsely accused an innocent man of being the father of her child.

The man, determined to prove his innocence, reported the matter to a local radio station.

The station helped facilitate a DNA test, which showed conclusively that he was not the father.

Subsequently, suspicions and rumors suggested that the man had had inappropriate relations with his daughter.

A second DNA test was then carried out, which confirmed that the man was the child’s biological father.

The community was left in shock when police arrested the man in front of a large crowd that had gathered at his home.

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