Celine Dion's latest revelations about her illness

Celine Dion’s latest revelations about her illness

In an interview with People magazine, music star Celine Dion talks about the treatments she had to undergo during her fight against her illness.

Suffering from stiff person syndrome for many years, for Céline Dion everything changed in August 2022 when the diagnosis officially fell.

In December of that same year, she publicly announced that she was suffering from muscle spasms which forced her to put her career on hold. Before focusing on her recovery, Celine Dion often played with limits to ensure her performances on stage.

A risk to take to remain professional

During this interview, she explains having taken muscle relaxants like Valium. A treatment which had been recommended to her by health professionals and which she followed on prescription. A medication whose quantities ingested continue to increase for the singer: “We started with two milligrams to see if it could help, then 2.5, after 3, then 15 and 50 and we took up to 90 milligrams of Valium to enable me to perform. An overdose that could have been fatal.”

Celine Dion then confides: “It could have been fatal. I didn’t question the level because I don’t know medicine. I thought it was going to be okay. It worked for a few days, for a few weeks, then it doesn’t work anymore. I didn’t realize that I could have just laid down and stopped breathing.»

The Canadian singer continues her interview by claiming to have taken this treatment with the sole aim of remaining professional: “It is very important to know… people who know me quite well, they know that I did not take medication just to do drugs, just to get high or to be stoned,” she reveals. Before adding: “I have been as professional as I can be throughout my life, a disciplined and hard-working person who does what I need to do to get my voice in tip-top shape.»

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