Body of a 10-month-old baby found in a freezer

Body of a 10-month-old baby found in a freezer

A 27-year-old mother has been charged with poisoning her 10-month-old daughter by ingesting lead pellets and storing the body in a freezer, in the town of Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Brazil.

According to the authorities, “after committing the irreparable act, the suspect placed her daughter’s lifeless body in her home’s freezer.”

“The suspect lied to her relatives, claiming that the baby was with her paternal grandmother, so as not to arouse suspicion,” reports said.

The victim’s grandmother decided to call the police to report her disappearance as she was concerned for not having any news of her granddaughter.

When the police arrived, the young woman confessed to her daughter’s murder, without providing any further explanation of her motives.

The authorities immediately remanded the woman in custody, pending further investigation.

The circumstances surrounding this horrific act raise many questions about the suspect’s motives and any warning signs that might have been detected

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