Death toll rises to 19 in the US after the passage of tornadoes

Death toll rises to 19 in the US after the passage of tornadoes

The death toll from tornadoes and other violent storms in the southern United States rose further to at least 19 deaths according to authorities on Monday, while these bad weather moves towards the east of the country.

Since Saturday, tornadoes have swept across the Great Plains of the south of the country, starting from north Texas and moving east, blowing away many buildings and infrastructure in their path.

This weather continues to move towards the Atlantic coast.

“Significant thunderstorms” and possible “isolated tornadoes” are expected Monday afternoon from the Great Lakes region to the southeast of the country, according to the US Weather Service (NWS).

Sunday evening, several tornadoes hit rural western Kentucky according to the NWS, which indicates for example here “trees fell on many roads, making travel impossible”, or, there, damage to around twenty houses.

Tornadoes, a meteorological phenomenon that is as impressive as it is difficult to predict, are relatively common in the United States, particularly in the center and south of the country.

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