Nigerian singer Davido's words on his marriage to Chioma

Nigerian singer Davido’s words on his marriage to Chioma

In a recent interview, Nigerian singer Davido spoke about the key to happiness in finding a partner and how meeting his wife almost two decades ago was a stroke of fate.

Davido revealed that he and Chioma met during his first year in college and quickly became inseparable.

He praised his wife for never getting entangled in any form of controversy and for genuinely understanding him, making her a perfect match for him.

In his words, “Me and my wife, we grew up together basically. We went to school together. We met in school. It’s like we are just so used to each other. She is like a part of me.”

The Nigerian Afrobeat star emphasized the importance of finding someone who understands you, adding that he and Chioma are great together.

“There’s nothing she does that’s ‘crazy’. It’s just a good match, “ he said.

Davido also praised her cooking skills, saying, And I’ve known her for almost 20 years, and she can cook. Wohh!!!”

His confession about his marriage to Chioma has been making waves on social media, with fans and followers praising the couple for their love and dedication to each other.

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