Uganda dispels fears of Covid cases as normal flu

Uganda dispels fears of Covid cases as normal flu

Ugandan health authorities have allayed fears that coronavirus could be driving the wave of cough and flu, which is sweeping through the country.

Local media reported increased cases of people being bedridden for days or losing their voices with the onset of an intense cough, flu and fever.

In a number of cases, children have failed to respond to medication and some have had to be admitted to hospital and placed on oxygen machines, Daily Monitor reported.

The Department of Infectious Disease Control said the outbreak was a “normal flu”.

“From our surveillance system, there is no indication of increased cases of Covid-19,” Dr Patrick Tusiime, the commissioner for communicable diseases prevention and control said.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that Covid-19 no longer represents a global health emergency because of the general decline in cases.

The WHO, however, warned that many people with severe Covid-19 are still admitted to hospitals and so, countries should carry on with their internal mitigation measures against the disease.

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