Vladimir Putin's entourage now deprived of iPhone

Vladimir Putin’s entourage now deprived of iPhone

The Kremlin has asked all employees of the internal political bloc of the presidential administration, to swap their iPhones for smartphones of different brands, the daily Kommersant reported.

At the beginning of March, a seminar was organized in the Moscow region to ensure that all people working in national and regional political bodies do without the Apple smartphone.

According to several sources of the Russian media Kommersant, having attended the event, the government invites them to “get rid of the iPhone, throw it away or give it to the children”.

The obligation to abandon iPhone would be due to security problems. The Russian government believes that Apple products are more likely to be hacked and spied on by Westerners than other smartphones.

It is in this logic that Russia has decided to develop its own operating system for smartphones called Aurora. The government is in discussion with major players in the mobile market to try to create “state technological sovereignty through a secure mobile environment.”

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