The top 10 most populated cities in Africa in 2023

The top 10 most populated cities in Africa in 2023

Africa is home to some of the most populous cities in the world. From Cairo and Lagos to Johannesburg and Kinshasa, the continent is experiencing a population boom in its urban centers. This rapid urbanization is driven by a number of factors, including migration, natural population growth, and economic opportunity.

As the population of African cities grows, so too do the associated problems. Housing shortages and overcrowding are common, as are poverty and inequality. In some cities, inadequate infrastructure and sanitation are also an issue. These issues are exacerbated by the fact that many African cities are unable to keep pace with their growth.

However, the good news is that African cities are taking steps to address these issues. Governments are investing in public transportation, infrastructure, and housing, while also working to create jobs and attract businesses. In addition, civil society organizations are playing an important role in advocating for the needs of urban residents.

Ultimately, the challenge of managing Africa’s population growth in its cities is a complex one. It will require a combination of public and private investment, as well as effective policymaking. But with effective planning, African cities have the potential to become thriving centers of economic and social development.

With these facts in mind, it is important to know which African cities currently have the highest population, and by doing so, the awareness of the effects of urbanization is known.

As mentioned earlier, the population growth of African cities is widely driven by urbanization, as people from rural areas migrate to rapidly developing cities in search of economic opportunities.

This trend gives an insight into the solutions Africa could adopt to mitigate the over-population that is quickly becoming an issue in some of these cities. By urbanizing more regions, economic opportunities are spread across, and rather than having densely packed cities, the African population can be spread thinly across, which would in turn eliminate most of the problems associated with over population, like crime, and homelessness.

Below are 10 of the most populated cities in Africa and their growth rate. This list is courtesy of World Population Review, a data platform dedicated to tracking population growth and decline across the globe.

RankCountryCityPopulationGlobal RankGrowth Rate
2.Democratic Republic of CongoKinshasa16,315,53413th4.40%
5.TanzaniaDar Es Salaam7,775,86549th5.01%
7.South AfricaJohannesburg6,198,01663rd2.19%
8.Ivory CoastAbidjan5,686,35070th3.09%
10.EthiopiaAddis Ababa5,460,59175th4.45%

Source: Pulse website

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