Ugandan villagers flog cousins in incest cleansing ritual

Ugandan villagers flog cousins in incest cleansing ritual

Two cousins have been subjected to flogging in a cleansing ritual aimed at shielding the community from generational curses after being caught red-handed in a sexual relationship in the Eastern Uganda.

The duo were found in the man’s house after suspicions that they were involved in a sexual affair.

The cousins in their forties were flogged by residents of Ogoria village after they were “arrested” in an overnight. 

Their clan forbids sex between relatives.

The duo were then forced into a grass kiln that was set ablaze and were then allowed to flee the kiln as clan enforcers administered beatings. 

They were forced to make a pact that they will not repeat the offence and will observe the norms of the Teso community, after the cleansing ritual.

According to Mr John Charles Omongole, the chairperson for Inomu Ikomion clan, the cleansing rite is for people who commit incest.

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