Anglican Church backs blessing for homosexual couples

Anglican Church backs blessing for homosexual couples

The British branch of the Anglican Church meeting in general synod voted Thursday, despite divisions, in favor of a blessing of homosexual couples, while confirming its opposition to the celebration of religious marriages.

After eight hours of tense debates spread over two days, the nearly 500 members of this elected body responsible for deciding on questions of doctrine, voted by a comfortable majority – 250 for, 181 against and 10 abstentions – for allow gay people to receive a blessing in church.

This decision is the result of six years of consultations, which have brought to light the deep divisions that run through the Anglican Church and its 85 million believers on this issue.

If the Church of England appears generally more liberal on the attitude to adopt vis-à-vis the LGBT+ community, this is not the case of other Anglican churches, in particular in certain countries of sub-Saharan Africa where the homosexuality is still considered a crime.

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