US sets end date for covid-19 health emergency

US sets end date for covid-19 health emergency

US President Joe Biden announced to Congress on Monday that he would end the state of health emergency linked to Covid-19 in the United States, the Associated Press reported

The virus, which has killed more than a million people in America, will therefore settle into normality from May 11.

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The end of the state of emergency will refer the question of Covid-19 to the usual health agencies.

A hasty end to the state of emergency would have “very significant consequences for our nation’s health care system and government operations, including chaos and uncertainty in the health care system,” warned the White House in a press release.

“Hospitals and nursing homes, which have grown accustomed to the flexibilities allowed by these states of emergency, will descend into chaos without the time needed to retrain their workers and establish a new billing system,” the statement added.

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