35-year-old man found dead in a river

49 boys drown in boat accident in Pakistan

Forty-nine students between seven and fourteen years died when their overloaded boat capsized in northwest Pakistan, reports said.

“The water of the dam was freezing due to cold weather that impeded the rescue mission” said Khateer Ahmad, a senior official with Rescue 1122.

“The bodies of a teacher and one skipper were also pulled from the water,” he added.

“Dozens of parents and relatives had gathered over and every time a body was recovered from the scene, they would jump onto the diver to see if it was their son and every time as they scream in pain,” a tea seller told AFP over the phone.

“I have not witnessed such scenes in my life, it’s something that can’t be explained in words,” he added.

Pakistan’s army shared images showing divers traversing the lake in rubber dinghies, entering the green waters to pull out the bodies of children.

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