Two Nigerians arrested with cocaine capsules

Ghana: man arrested for not paying a s3x worker

A 25-year-old man at Mankesim in the Central Region is in the grips of the police for failing to pay a Nigerian sex worker who rendered him services, Ghana, according to reports.

“The suspect was charged GHC600.00 by the sex worker after an initial price of GHS1,200,” according to Adom News.

This was on the back of the suspect, who is a taxi driver’s demand to sleep with her without a condom the whole night.

The suspect agreed and went ahead and slept with her until the next day.

“After a night of multiple sex rounds coupled with other intimate activities, the taxi driver refused to settle his bills,” the sex worker said in an interview.

Infuriated by the taxi driver’s actions, she dragged him to the police station where he was asked about the charge against him and he confirmed it.

The Mankesim Police say they have started investigating the matter.

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