24-year-old man shot dead in Ogun State

Disabled man jailed for human trafficking in Kenya

A man at the centre of a BBC African Eye investigation has been found guilty of trafficking disabled people in Kenya and ordered to pay a fine of 30,000,000 Kenyan shillings or face 30 years in prison.

Many were taken from their parents with the promise of a better life.

Instead, the children were forced to beg on the streets often for years while their captors took all of the profits.

Some of the victims alleged they were beaten if they did not make enough money.

A BBC undercover investigation exposed a human trafficking network smuggling disabled children from Tanzania to Kenya last June 2022.

He was arrested and has now been convicted by a court in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

“I have also noted that you are disabled. Prison might not be a good environment for you,” said magistrate Agnes Wahito.

“This is your first offence so I have given you the minimum sentence to pay 30,000,000 shilling. If you don’t have that you will be jailed for 30 years in prison,” she added.

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