Man arrested for shooting motor rider in Ghana

Man arrested for shooting motor rider in Ghana

A 27-year-old young man was arrested by the police at Sehwi, a farming community in the Akontombra district, for shooting a motorbike rider he boarded to transport him to the Bodi district, Ghana.

The suspect allegedly diverted his route through a remote area explaining that he was receiving the prize from a colleague working at a mining site along the route.

En-route, the suspect pulled a locally manufactured pistol and shot at the neck of the motorbike rider unprovoked.

The victim said he fell flat and pretended he was dead while the suspect retrieved items of his interest including the motorbike.

Once the suspect fled the scene, the victim revealed he rushed to seek help from some residents, and he was aided by some nearby farmers.

He was sent to the hospital and receiving treatment.

The police were informed and subsequently laid an ambush to arrest the suspect.

The suspect is in police custody, while the investigation is ongoing.

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