"Don't force your vagina to smell good"- health influencer cautioned

“Don’t force your vagina to smell good”- health influencer cautioned

“There is no perfect vagina, ladies had to avoid the use of deodorants on their vaginas as it could caused health complications so there no need to force it to smell good to please men,” a health influencer at Madina Polyclinic cautioned.

It is believed that most women enhance their beauty and other parts of their bodies to please men.

“Now we even have vaginal sprays and deodorants in town and ladies feel that the sprays you use on our bodies can be used down there. People feel that certain things around them are very unpleasant after or during their menstrual period, “ Blaise Ackom said.

“So, some will just apply the deodorants, or some will just open their legs and spray there. That’s why I’m saying that the vagina is not meant to smell like vanilla, strawberry, and the rest. They want a perfect vagina, and there’s no perfect vagina,” he explained.

“We have vulvar cancer, which you can be predisposed to. The place can even become inflamed. At times, you can even have what we call “dyspareunia”, pain during sex. Usually, you’ll have consistent pain during sexual activities, and those people, you can have sex with them for like 3 hours, and they won’t have any form of orgasm,” he mentioned as consequences.

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