Thief caught stealing phones at a wedding

50-year-old woman arrested for kidnapping a baby girl

Mankessim Divisional Police Command in Ghana announced the arrest of a 50-year-old woman for stealing a baby girl, Adomonline reported.

The woman forced the two-year-old girl into a margarine rubber after she intentionally went there to play with the kid.

“She intentionally went there to play with the kid when her mother was not close to her and so her mother said she was inside when she heard that a woman has come to kidnap her daughter and running away while she had hid the child in a margarine rubber,” the website reported.

The suspect was given a hot chase and grabbed, to a nearby police station, after the alarm.

The two-year-old girl was struggling to breathe as she was kept in a closed bucket and is currently receiving treatment at the hospital while the suspect is in police grips at the Mankessim Divisional Police Command.

The girl’s father was surprised that such a thing could happen.

He urged parents to monitor their children to ensure their safety.

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