How to help someone who is thinking about suicide?

How to help someone who is thinking about suicide?

The theme “Creating Hope Through Action” marked the 20th World Suicide Prevention Day which took place on September 10, 2022.

Taking action in suicide prevention means committing to self-care. himself and his relatives. To act, it will be necessary to recognize the first signs of suicide.

Talking openly and directly about suicide helps break the taboo around the topic and reduce stigma and shame. Thousands of people around the world have thoughts of suicide, but find it difficult to open up and can feel relieved when told.

Here are some neutral phrases to start the conversation:

“You seem pretty depressed lately. Do you feel like talking about it?”

“I’m worried about you. Can you tell me a little more about what’s going on?”

“I know it can be hard to talk about your emotions, but if you want, I’m here for you.”

“Are you having suicidal thoughts?”

“Are you thinking about death?”

“Are you thinking about suicide?”

“I’ve noticed you’ve been more withdrawn lately. Are you thinking about death?”

Some golden rules:

You can’t fix this person’s problems

Contact a resource that specializes in suicide crisis intervention

NEVER challenge a suicidal person to do so.

NEVER promise secrecy (no one is bound by confidentiality when someone’s life is threatened)

Avoid being sanctimonious or judgmental about the causes of the crisis or the intensity of the person’s reaction.

Do not minimize the other person’s suffering.

Do not make the person promise not to commit suicide just to reassure you.

Stay calm and LISTEN to the person without judgment or blame.

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