Suicide: how to recognize signals of distress?

Suicide: how to recognize signals of distress?

Most people who voluntarily commit suicide wish above all to put an end to their physical, psychological or emotional suffering caused by the idea of no longer existing. Here are some points to recognize distress signals.

Suicidal thoughts manifest differently for everyone. But suicide is always preceded by a serious crisis. Spotting these signs of distress as early as possible allows you to act in time.

A person who has suicidal thoughts can very quickly go from joy to deep sadness accompanied by a desire for isolation. For example, he can make jokes about suicide; change their daily routine; withdrawing into herself or finding excuses not to go out; having a sudden appetite for risk; self-isolate more often.

A person with suicidal thoughts seems irritated, angry, desperate, upset over little things.

Phrases like “I can no longer», « The world would be better off without me. “, “Soon, I won’t be here anymore. », « I am a burden. “, “I wouldn’t have to deal with this if I were dead. », « I would like to be dead. », « I wish I had never been born. », « I have no future. », « I just want it to stop. should appeal to you.

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