Telephone: Why should we avoid using silent mode?

Telephone: Why should we avoid using silent mode?

Mobile phones become real tools that accompany us on a daily basis. Sometimes they even become work tools that we cannot do without.

Always looking for innovation, smartphone manufacturers offer new features that can make our daily life easier. Especially since new applications are always ready to meet our expectations, whether for work or for entertainment.

But it is necessary to disconnect from your device from time to time in order to reduce its usage time. For this, most phone owners enable silent mode on their device.

However, putting the silent mode, to disable your notifications on your mobile phone, would not be a good idea, here is why.

Why You Shouldn’t Mute Your Cell Phone

However, by disabling the general mode of your mobile device, you will still tend to want to check your Android or iOS smartphone.

Even if you think you’ll reduce your screen time by turning on silent mode, you’ll still be tempted to check what’s happening on your cell phone screen and in your notifications.Indeed, muting your device and disabling your notifications would increase the number of times a user checks their mobile to be aware of content shared on social networks they have missed.

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