"God does not approve of family planning", said a prophetess

“God does not approve of family planning”, said a prophetess

According to a female pastor, God does not approve of family planning and the only approved sex position for Christians is where the man is on top while the woman is still, i.e. the missionary position.

Are the different sensual positions used to make love biblical? The question is unusual but not for a servant of God.

The prophetess said any other position besides missionary comes from the pit of hell.

“There is no such thing as position during sex for the children of God. We don’t have to do it like the world does. Have you become dogs not to be satisfied with the fact that the man is above and the woman below?” she asked in the video footage.

Then to continue: “You want your wife to do acrobatics with you. These are things that we see dogs do on the streets and are not done by humans. These are things the devil uses to deceive Christians. The positions used in pornography are not for Christians. I repeat, sex positions are not approved for saints of God, nor is Planned Parenthood.”

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