New U.S. Horn of Africa envoy expected in Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Ethiopia

New U.S. Horn of Africa envoy expected in Sudan and Ethiopia

The new US special envoy to the Horn of Africa, David Satterfield is expected in Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Ethiopia, the State Department said on Friday, calling on Addis Ababa to help end conflict in the country.

The new diplomat will visit the countries with Assistant Secretary Molly Phee.

“They will encourage government officials to seize the current opening for peace by ending the air strikes and other hostilities … and laying the foundation for an inclusive national dialogue,” the Department said.

On Friday, the UN human rights office expressed alarm at “multiple, deeply disturbing reports” of air strikes in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, saying at least 108 civilians had been killed this year.

Satterfield and Phee, responsibles for African affairs, will visit the three nations between Monday and Thursday.

“Their message will be clear: the United States is committed to freedom, peace and justice for the Sudanese people”, the State Department said.

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