Yahya Jammeh responsible for several crimes

Gambia: Yahya Jammeh responsible for several crimes, the truth commission says

The Gambian Truth and Reconciliation Commission reports that former president Yahya Jammeh was responsible for a series of killings, tortures and rapes during his presidency.

The commission said Jammeh and his henchmen, including a personal hit squad known as The Junglas, were responsible for 44 specific crimes against journalists, ex-soldiers, political opponents and civilians.

“He was also responsible for the rape or sexual abuse of three women,” the commission says.

It recommended that those responsible for the abuses be prosecuted in an Internationalised Tribunal in a country in the West African sub-region.

Yahya Jammeh, forced into exile after his defeat in the 2016 election, ruled the west African country for 22 years.

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