Nnamdi Kanu

Nigeria: separatist’s leader sues president Buhari

Nigerian separatist leader Nnamdi Kanu has sued President Muhammadu Buhari for violating his fundamental human rights.

In a suit filed at the High Court of Abia state, in south-east Nigeria, Mr Kanu is also asking to be paid five billion naira ($12m;£8m) for various damages he has suffered.

He is also asking the government to stop his prosecution, set him free and return him to the UK where he was based before his arrest.

Mr Kanu also wants the Nigerian government to apologise to him for the infringement of his fundamental rights.

The lpob leader is facing treason charges as well as running an illegal company, publishing defamatory material and illegal possession of firearms.

His lawyer Alloy Ejimako said in a statement that his client was compelled to enforce his human rights due to the “unbroken chain of infringements.”

The lawyer cited the 2017 extrajudicial attempt on Mr Kanu’s life, his going to exile, abduction in Kenya in June and extradition to Nigeria.

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Mr Kanu is expected back in court on 31 October.

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